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Newest World Temp. Anomaly (December ’18: +Zero.25°C) UAH World Temperature Replace for December 2018: +Zero.25 deg. C

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January 2nd, 2019 by Roy W. Spencer, Ph. D.

2018 was sixth Warmest Yr Globally of Final 40 Years

The Model 6.Zero world common decrease tropospheric temperature (LT) anomaly for December, 2018 was +Zero.25 deg. C, down a bit from +Zero.28 deg. C in November:

World area-averaged decrease tropospheric temperature anomalies (departures from 30-year calendar month-to-month means, 1981-2010). The 13-month centered common is supposed to present a sign of the decrease frequency variations within the information; the selection of 13 months is considerably arbitrary… an odd variety of months permits centered plotting on months with no time lag between the 2 plotted time sequence. The inclusion of two of the identical calendar months on the ends of the 13 month averaging interval causes no points with interpretation as a result of the seasonal temperature cycle has been eliminated, and so has the excellence between calendar months.

Numerous regional LT departures from the 30-year (1981-2010) common for the final 24 months are:

2017 01 +Zero.33 +Zero.32 +Zero.35 +Zero.11 +Zero.28 +Zero.95 +1.22
2017 02 +Zero.39 +Zero.58 +Zero.20 +Zero.08 +2.16 +1.33 +Zero.22
2017 03 +Zero.23 +Zero.37 +Zero.10 +Zero.06 +1.22 +1.24 +Zero.98
2017 04 +Zero.28 +Zero.29 +Zero.27 +Zero.22 +Zero.90 +Zero.23 +Zero.40
2017 05 +Zero.45 +Zero.40 +Zero.50 +Zero.42 +Zero.11 +Zero.21 +Zero.06
2017 06 +Zero.22 +Zero.34 +Zero.10 +Zero.40 +Zero.51 +Zero.10 +Zero.34
2017 07 +Zero.29 +Zero.31 +Zero.28 +Zero.51 +Zero.61 -Zero.27 +1.03
2017 08 +Zero.41 +Zero.41 +Zero.42 +Zero.47 -Zero.54 +Zero.49 +Zero.78
2017 09 +Zero.55 +Zero.52 +Zero.58 +Zero.54 +Zero.30 +1.06 +Zero.60
2017 10 +Zero.64 +Zero.67 +Zero.60 +Zero.48 +1.22 +Zero.83 +Zero.86
2017 11 +Zero.36 +Zero.34 +Zero.39 +Zero.27 +1.36 +Zero.68 -Zero.12
2017 12 +Zero.42 +Zero.50 +Zero.33 +Zero.26 +Zero.45 +1.37 +Zero.36
2018 01 +Zero.26 +Zero.46 +Zero.06 -Zero.11 +Zero.59 +1.36 +Zero.43
2018 02 +Zero.20 +Zero.25 +Zero.16 +Zero.04 +Zero.92 +1.19 +Zero.18
2018 03 +Zero.25 +Zero.40 +Zero.10 +Zero.07 -Zero.32 -Zero.33 +Zero.60
2018 04 +Zero.21 +Zero.32 +Zero.11 -Zero.12 -Zero.00 +1.02 +Zero.69
2018 05 +Zero.18 +Zero.41 -Zero.05 +Zero.03 +1.93 +Zero.18 -Zero.39
2018 06 +Zero.21 +Zero.38 +Zero.04 +Zero.12 +1.20 +Zero.83 -Zero.55
2018 07 +Zero.32 +Zero.43 +Zero.22 +Zero.29 +Zero.51 +Zero.29 +1.37
2018 08 +Zero.19 +Zero.22 +Zero.17 +Zero.13 +Zero.07 +Zero.09 +Zero.26
2018 09 +Zero.15 +Zero.15 +Zero.14 +Zero.24 +Zero.88 +Zero.21 +Zero.19
2018 10 +Zero.22 +Zero.31 +Zero.13 +Zero.34 +Zero.25 +1.11 +Zero.39
2018 11 +Zero.28 +Zero.27 +Zero.30 +Zero.50 -1.13 +Zero.69 +Zero.53
2018 12 +Zero.25 +Zero.32 +Zero.19 +Zero.32 +Zero.20 +Zero.65 +1.19

The 2018 globally averaged temperature anomaly, adjusted for the variety of days in every month, is +Zero.23 deg. C, making 2018 the sixth warmest 12 months within the now-40 12 months satellite tv for pc document of world decrease tropospheric temperature variations.

The linear temperature development of the worldwide common decrease tropospheric temperature anomalies from January 1979 via December 2018 stays at +Zero.13 C/decade.

The UAH LT world anomaly picture for December, 2018 ought to be out there within the subsequent few days right here.

The brand new Model 6 information also needs to be up to date at the moment, and are positioned right here:

Decrease Troposphere:
Decrease Stratosphere:

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